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PMC-10 ( was RE: EDP Footpedal vs. FCB1010 ? ?)

Andre LaFosse uses the treasured PMC-10 by Digitech to control his EDP with
his feet--or he did when I saw him a few months ago . . .
BTW, he does a great solo act with just that pedal, a guitar, and EDP and 
amp.  Very entertaining, funky fresh street beats he gets from various 
hand attacks and stepping on the PMC . . .
I also use the PMC, as does Kim (our sponsor), Claude Voit, and many other
lucky loopers.

And now once again it's time to speak the praises of our very own Sean
Echevarria, creator of Raymond, the PC based editor for the PMC.  It rocks,
and it's free!

-----Original Message-----
From: Michael Peters [mailto:mp@mpeters.de] 
Sent: Saturday, September 17, 2005 6:12 AM
To: Loopers Delight
Subject: RE: EDP Footpedal vs. FCB1010 ? ?

has anyone seen Andre LaFosse perform his EDP wizardry? I wonder what kind
of midi pedal he uses - and he uses all kinds of obscure EDP effects, many
of them in the same song, so he must have found a way to easily access them
... I think he even did a show using 4 or 5 EDPs recently ...  -Michael