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Re: Oberheim EDP FS

Oh heck, I forgot. I am also hoping to sell a Lexicon Vortex. I had a  
double footswitch made for it that does the trick. $100, with docs.  
Again, I can get the camera out if needed.

On Sep 19, 2005, at 9:48 AM, Kelly Coyle wrote:

> It's in very good cosmetic shape. Loop4, full memory. Gibson foot  
> controller that is somewhat beat up but works fine. I have the  
> Loop4 upgrade manual, but not the regular one. Works perfectly, as  
> far as I know -- the only trouble I've ever had with it is that the  
> previous owner didn't seat the Loop4 chip properly and, although it  
> worked, it exhibited a bunch of bizarre behavior. Anyway, after I  
> discovered that, no issues. $650 shipped in US, PayPal or money  
> order. Pictures possible.