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Re: EDP through rane SM82 problem

Doesn't the SM82 prefer balanced connections?  Is there a hum if you bypass the Rane?
The "boom" when you're powering down is because the Mackie has a "soft power down", and the Rane doesn't.  You just need to be old school and remember to power down the active speakers first.  Or, you could try turning the master out on the Rane all the way down and then power down.

On 9/19/05, Luis Angulo <labalou2000@yahoo.com> wrote:
Hi gang,
I am having humming problems with the edp plugged into
to my Rane SM82.I have a roland preamp,repeater EDP
and sm82 plugged into a juice goose power
conditioner,when i disconect the EDP the humming is
gone,but even if i disconect evrything and leave the
edp by itself it still humms.No problems through my
little VLZ1202 mackie though.
Also when i turn the rane sm82 off it makes my active
speakers make a big boom which doesnt happen with the
1202,any ideas?


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