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Re: The Big(ish) Idea

Why not just put a momentary switch on a good-quality tremolo? Like  
the Fulltone that has a "shape" adjustment that changes the curve of  
the trem -- you can get very abrupt shifts or gentle ones, and, of  
course, faster or slower. Save yourself some ankle wear.

On Sep 19, 2005, at 5:24 PM, loop.pool wrote:

> Phil Wilson wrote:
> "Basically I want to make a foot operated device that allows a  
> signal to pass
> only when  the button is pressed. Kind of a Poor-Mans-Morse-Glitch  
> Pedal.......
> ......it is a push to make type switch so initially the signal is  
> dead, however,
> when the button is pressed the sound is allowed to pass to the  
> output."
> I have thought of a similar pedal and wished for one, Phil.
> This might be a cool addition to such a beast:
> Have two momentary buttons side by side with a switch that makes them
> either
> 1)  turn the sound on when you want it turned on or
> 2) pass the sound and turn it off when you want it turned off
> Both buttons would do the same function which would allow for some  
> one to do very, very rapid
> two foot manipulations of the pedal (like the glitch effects that  
> are so popular in modern electronica now).
> It would be just as hip to cut the sound OFF as it would be to turn  
> the sound ON with such a button.
> Do you see what I mean?
> ******************
> One of the techniques that I use with my line 6 pedal is putting it  
> into record and then really rapidly, but randomly
> hitting the button that has the forward/reverse/half speed/double  
> speed funtion.
> When I truncate the loop it then has these little random chunks of  
> backwards/forwards/1/2 speed/double time.
> If I make this as some kind of melodic drone it provides a random  
> loop that is nonetheless harmonically consonant
> with whatever I lay on top of it.
> to have a real time 'GLITCH' pedal in line to add the same kind of  
> randomization to the mute/unmute quality of the music
> would really be awesome.
> throw the whole damn mess into a Repeater and then play it like a  
> chromatic instrument over three octaves.
> Now that's my idea of a good time.
> Now,  who to build it......................lol
> Rick