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re: The Big(ish) Idea

Doug wrote:
> But, what I also remember was that the guy had moved the electronics
> into his own guitar, and had setup a "touch plate" on his guitar as the
> switch.  So he could get these really fast mutes going, just by tapping
> the touch plate.

That sounds incredible.

There are persian frame drum techniques called 'Ris' (not sure of the 
spelling, but
the pronunciation is 'reese')

Where you flam your fingers over the drum so that each finger lands 
milliseconds after the first original

This is as opposed to the more Arabic technique where every finger is 
articulates (which is great for playing accurately but also takes a whole 
lot of hours to perfect.)

With such a touch plate  and set to a momentary off (or on) position you 
could do extraordinarily quick glitches.
That's my idea of a good time.

Next Question:  how difficult and/or expensive would such a plate be.
It would necessitate playing it with ones fingers instead of with feet but 
fingers are for more accurate (unless
you've spent a few years of hard work a double kick trapset drummer).
This would mean you'd have to manipulate the loop  after you made it, not 
during,  but it also
means that you could glitch the thing until you felt like stopping and 
the loop would return
to it's original sound (unless you resampled it).