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Re: The Big(ish) Idea (WOW)


what can I say, I thought I would leave the question to brew for a couple 
days and see if anyone replied with a few tips to help me 

I have so much info and stuff that I hope you will all forgive me if I 
a couple of days just to actually think WHAT I want now!!

The way I was looking to use my unit was very differant to  an actual 
tremelo, but seeing as people have ran with the idea in that  direction I 
should add that the Addrenalinn has Temelo Sequencing meaning 16 steps 
can be anything from completley off to totally on and all volumes between. 
this is a very versatile effect and is midi sequencable to the edp.

this thread has had SO many weird Deja-vu type moments as well.

The thread started to look at guys with plate operated guitar controls, 
would you believe, I remember as a kid of 16 thinking this was something 
Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead was useing for the Excact same effect during 
live performance, it wasnt, he was actually using the  pickup switch 
but he also wore a wrist splint which looked like Lever to a teenage eye!! 
am amazed at how this came full circle, as the effect that I first sheard 
Jonny using at that very time  is something I was still thinking about 
I began to formulate a floor-based altenative in my mind, and the fact 
such a device DOES exist inreality ......again WOW.

Another weird thing is the floor rocker control............hehe the first 
home-brew-pedal I thought I would design and sell was EXCACTLY this but 
an arm mechinisim culled from a wrench/plumbers screwdriver set. as you 
the foot forward it drives the internal thread which turns the arm end, 
is I believe more stable and also uses a thumb wheel to screw down on the 
knob side so you dont have to remove the knob cover.

however, upon completing mine I found one of the old electroharmonix ones 
Ebay UK. It was the first time i saw one I swear!! so that dashed that 
originality (and of selling them to all my loopy friends) , so I tried 
with this design........hahaha
by the rate that everyone is getting their heads around this pedal it 
like I have missed the goal again, oh well, I will pay my student loan off 
someday............maybe a guitar that triggers emotive smell samples?!?!?

Phill Wilson (a.k.a. Blackface)

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