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Re: The Big(ish) Idea

i love stutter - i use it all the time in my recordings by chopping up 
bits of guitar in Logic and laying out in rhythmic patterns in the arrange 

i've always wanted to be able to do this sort of thing live, so a box like 
this would be great!

i'd have the polarity switch and another switch to enable auto-stuttering 
with some sort of associated rate knob. the addition of tap tempo, midi 
and a range of patterns for the auto-stutter would be fab (dunno if 
has used Sampletank here, but one of it's onboard fx is called "Slicer" 
which has this feature - it's fab)

the kaoss pad 2 had a slicer which i like a lot - it's midi syncable and 
a few different patterns, but i'd love a pedal which i could just stamp on 
whenever i was in the mood for a bit if jitteryglitchness!

somebody figure out how to make one please!