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Michael Peters interface modes

>I never played with the 'new' interface modes and now that I wanted to 
>a closer look at them, they don't work. Do I have an old software version 
>is my feedback expression pedal faulty?  on booting, the EDP says LOOP4 
>6.0b (I think).  The Loop/Delay modes available are: LOP Out del Inp EXP 
>Michael Peters

Inp EXP  and  rPL  are new modes

so you seem to be missing Stu and Fli.

Without a pedal you should get
With pedal
LOP. dEL. EXP. Stu. Out. In. REP. FLI.

note the full stop, which indicates that the pedal is detected

if you load a pedal mode, remove the pedal,
then you will see "nop" if you leave the Loop/Delay param unchanged
and return to edit it again.

As far as I know, the EDP will give a full range of modes as long as 
anything is plugged into the
feedback socket.

On start-up, I see
Loop 4


and then briefly the max looptime and no. of loops,
depending on "MoreLoops"

My only suggestion is to try again :-(
1. after re-booting with the pedal attached.
2. after resetting the EDP by powering up with the parameter button held
      ( which erases any presets, beware)

andy butler