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Re: Lexicon Jamman power supply?

Hi Michael

I use to live in the UK now I currently living in Brazil..
In both cases a simple adapter from ARGOS or similar, sorted my problem, it might cost a pound or so, a power outlet that goes from dual American pin to three "monstrous" UK style of plug, :)


On 9/26/05, Michael Bassett <m.bassett@dartington.ac.uk> wrote:
Hello All,

  I'm hoping to find a means to power my Jamman here in the UK.  I'm an
American living the UK.  I've got an American wallwart for the Jamman.
I'd like to use the UK power supply.  I've attempted to replace it via
several outlets here in the UK, but I'm having no luck.

Any suggestions?

Michael Bassett

Dartington College of Arts
Higher Close, Totnes
Devon, UK

North America:
1 West 89th St. Apt. 7W
NY NY 10024