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"Descent to Self" Now Available on CD!

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Hello All -

My new solo CD "Descent to Self" is now available in physical format and is for sale at the Record Exchange here in Boise and online at CD Baby:

Descent to Self is a musical and introspective exploration of ideas inspired by themes such as theoretical physics, science fiction, mathematics, and philosophy. By means of real-time looping technology, Krispen Hartung weaves an avant-garde and improvisational tapestry of sounds that are colorful, innovative, and mood provoking. This instrumental work showcases Hartung's ability to fuse avant-garde jazz, experimental, and ambient music into a multi-faceted musical experience.


"Awe inspiring. The atmospheric bed you laid is a hauntingly beautiful foundation for some emotionally charged guitar fx. A blissfully meditative piece. Great guitar work and improvisational skills!" - Valkir

"Really very good.  The guitar solo part is fantastic, you really sound like you are an accomplished player. Was not expecting to like this as usually try to avoid the guitar but was pleasantly surprised." - DRT

"Ok this is STUNNING I'm speechless. What can you say BUT JUST EXCELLENT. Too many things here to complement. Talented to the MAX. Cheers." - Kat Speel 

Learn more about the Descent to Self, view CD artwork, and download the entire CD in MP3 format for free here:



Krispen Hartung
Improvisational / Avant-Garde Looping Guitarist

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