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Re: REQ: loop devices and amps for busking

Bernhard Wagner LD wrote:

>I'm trying to find out which battery-operated loop devices and amps exist.
>(I mean portable and independent of wall outlet... for busking!)
>From http://www.loopersdelight.com/tools/tools.html I collected:
>Akai              E2 Headrush
>Electro-Harmonix  16 Second Digital Delay
>Peavey            PVDJ 
>Boomerang         Boomerang
The Headrush is wall wart operation only, no batteries.
Boss RC-20 Loop Station is battery operated.



>Are there any other battery-operated loop devices?
>I'm not mentioning the Boss RC-20 and RC-20XL because they don't allow to
>control Feedback: it's always at 100%, right?
Boss RC-20 doesn't have a feedback control as it is not a delay unit.  
All it does is sample loops and that's it... except for the oneshot 
sample in memory slot 11.