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Re: FS: Danelectro DC 59 ("Jimmy page "Guitar)

    I have one of these myself! And everyone makes fun of it because it's
such a cheap and primative guitar...but it's got a great tone - more lower
register - and indeed it's the guitar Page used on tracks like Kashmir + Hanged
Man. And you can get those exact tones at times - you'll be jamming around
and suddenly... wow there it is! You realize how the dark tones of
this particular guitar influenced his music. I paid $500 for mine a few years ago.
I've been told the guitar's only worth $150 for materials and that the new
Danos are exactly the same and much cheaper - but they aren't the same
unique dark tones. Everyone makes fun of me about this guitar but I've
insisted on using it anyhow.



Legion <legion@helpwantedproductions.com> wrote:

A friend of mine asked me to help sell his guitar for him. This is the
limo black Reiusse '59 DC with the double cutaways. No longer manufactured
and I'm told only 500 were made with the original black headstock (this
has that). Whatever!

The guitar is in good condition; not mint or a KKKollectors piece but
looks good ands sounds great. Sounds decent unplugged as well so it's a
perfect apt guitar. Two lipstick pickups, two dual knob (vol/tone inside
thingies), tri-position switch.

Here's a pick of the model from back in the day when they were for sale.

It's a player's guitar with small slight surface scratches on back, a
replaced pick-up selector switch (professionally installed by Bluebond
guitars in Philadelphia), and a small paint chip on the pickguard (touched
up). It has been played a lot in a smoke free home.

It will not make you play or sound like Jimmy Page but what the hell will?

Asking $325 or obo for a quick no nonsense sale. Buyer pays
shipping and I can accept paypal or USPS MO (or pick up in phila in which
case I'll be more generous on the price!). Not looking to "dump" this so
swerious inquiried only but will gladly answer any questions I can.

I can take pics this weekend if anyone is interested. Email me direct

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