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Re: still goin clean

Ah, Michael....are we gonna have that "little rig" contest again?
I went "big" (pedal board, tube preamp,tube driven analog spring reverb, 
tube power amp) for a bit.  Herniated two discs in my back and needed 
surgery this summer!  Sounded great..weighed a ton and was a bitch to move 
(friggin' road cases).
Now, even when I use an amp it weighs in at less than 25lbs (Acoustic 

I have gone "small" again:  Acoustic Bass to a D-Tar Mama Bear 
a D-Tar Solstice mixer which holds my JamMan (oooo...talk about small and 
archaic!)  Even did away with reverb, tho that make re-emerge for Y2K5, we 
shall see.
I just picked up a VF1, which is quite cool, but I think I likle things 
better clean and effectless (save for what I do with my hands), so it will 
most likely miss the trip to SC.

Who says size matters?

See ya in SC Michael.....

>On Sep 29, 2005, at 9:54 PM, <nemoguitt@verizon.net> wrote:
>>playin straight thru my rang into my mixer addin a little
>>verb.....HEAVEN.....but that voice in the back of my head keeps  goin, 
>>some ineko add some bitrman some space station make it  "wacky"".....get 
>>behind me SANTA or is that satan?.....oh, i so want to come to Y2K5  and 
>>the least equipment (THERE IS A $500.00 PRIZE THAT RICK NEVER TELLS  
>>ABOUT).....bill makes him do this!.....mic