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Re: Amazon.com Scam

Tom Ritchford wrote:
> In general, never ever click on a link from ANYONE that involves
> money... your bank, paypal, ebay, your credit card company.
> The link may be deceptive...  if you can, type in the name you expect to 
> This avoids issues like the paypaI.com hoax (more obvious when you see
> the URL as paypai.com)...

I received a relatively sophisticated PayPal "phishing" email recently.
They were using some sort of redirection mechanism so that the URL
that you went to was initially in the paypal.com domain, but you would
be almost immediately redirected to the scam site.  So the usual
technique of letting the mouse hover over the link and checking the
true link in the status bar didn't work, it looked legitimate.
You should *always* manually type in the URL of any page that will
require a login.

Oddly enough, despite the time spent on the redirection trick,
the scammers apparently didn't have time to run a spell checker
on their email.