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Re: Looperlative LP1 - sample rate

> (that I was not involved with) where they switched between sine and
> square waves of about 15K, the difference between these two would be
> the addition of an additional frequency well above 20K and the subjects
> could here the difference.


There are other much more complex sounding differences between square and 
sine wave.  Boot up any analog synth and see for yourself.  Basically a 
square wave at any frequency contains all frequencies at varying levels. 
Doesn't make much sense, but its true.  A sin wave contains exactly one 
only one frequency.

I would be willing to bet that since a square wave contains all 
it excites all kinds of resonances - in the headphone speakers, in the 
amplifier, in the air next to the ear, and everything in the body.  A sin 
wave will only excite things which resonate at that frequency.  What 
hearing in a 15KHz square wave are those resonances as well as the 
fundamental 15Hz signal - those resonances can be at any frequency, and 
could have lots of resonances within the human hearing range.