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Bernhard Wagner's "The Fourth Night" CD

OK. I've had this CD for a week or two now and I didn't listen to it 
because I wanted to be able to hear the whole thing in one sitting and pay 
attention.....and my work schedule hasn't allowed me that until today.  
Today I put on the headphones, sat in my La-Z-Boy, closed my eyes, and 
listened to "The Fourth Night" from start to finish.

I was fighting back tears by the end of the first track. I found this CD 
to be so beautiful that I'm not sure what to say about it, other than 
this:  If 
you don't have it, get it.    

For someone who can usually "go on and on" about things, I find myself not 
having the words right now.  It's late.  Maybe tomorrow.

Thanks Bernhard, for this beautiful thing.

Joe Rut


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