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Re: VG-88 and Roland GR-33 dissapearing rumors


I hope you're right Bill that there is something even cooler just around the corner.

I use neither the VG88 or the GR33 but use GK pickups on all of my guitars. I use
the old, obsolete GR-1 I've toted around forever and a newer but already officially
abandoned Boss WP-20G too. I don't plan on changing untill there is something "cooler"
out there. At times I was almost tempted to get the VG8 or VG88. I certainly spent
hours playing them at NAMM shows and guitar stores. But never got my wallet out.

I'm always in-line for something really good. For examle, I'd sell my left nut to have
something that would offer BOTH the VG (COSM) and GR (SYNTH) capabilities in one
tidy floor box with a "readable from standing height" display, about 8 stout programable
footpetal buttons and 3 programable continuous controller pedals, MIDI in, out and thru,
2 switchable and repatchable (at different points in the signal chain) stereo FX loops
and a real switchable bypass.

While we're at it let's ad a tube preamp with a couple of GT12AX7Ms in it and the guts
of the new RC-50 looper and an internal mixer/router. I know I'm dreaming anyway.

At my age I'd almost give my left nut anyway just to have the readable displays.
My eyes aren't what they used to be

Best regards,

tEd kiLLiAn

"Different is not always better, but better is always different"


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