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Re: software looper

> Just as a point of reference, SooperLooper's OSC interface has been
> used to create alternative GUIs.  Here is a demo video posted by a
> user of one such interface they created:
> http://www.viddler.com/explore/marcell/videos/7/

it's pleasure to work and develop with sooperloooper..

regarding visuals...

one of the reasons why i picked up Qt framework is that it has quite
good support to play with the graphic representation of the widgets...
in topot (alternative gui for sooperlooper) the main widget is
QtOpenGL.QGLWidget and the rest is separated and run as QGraphicsScene
and QGraphicsView.

separation of gui from sooperlooper engine through osc allows one to
run an extra separated instance of gui (could be another computer in
lan) which represents everything which the original shows in real time
+ one could do some visual processing of that extra QGraphicsView. i
will not be able to work on that visual part for some time but if
anyone is interested here are few links with the documentation of what
could possible be done:


and topot repository is at: