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in Los Angeles, videos, and a mobile rig

Dear List... 

I've been out in LA for three weeks and am in the middle of a week's worth of looping performances with a dance company called TaskForce.  

also did a half hour segment on John Schneider's Global Village program this morning which I'll post a link to as soon as I get it.  

Dear Andre LaFosse and Daren Burns and Motoko Honda did a lovely gig together at Metropol, and I'm almost ready to go back east.  

Jeff Kaiser and Bob Sterling and I had a wonderful Vegan Turkey Reuben at Follow Your Heart, and some great conversation while digging into Jeff's new 8-channel looper for Bob done up in Max/MSP. 

God what a rich trip.  I'll probably write up little blog entries of all these events... but for now, just wanted to share these things with the folks here..., cuz we do have such a small but mighty community with some badass folks who are gems with great heart and talent, and I loved spending time with 'em. 

now, the tech side.  if anyone has any questions or comments or would enjoy more detail I'm happy to cough it on up, if it's not only interesting to ME, lol... 

There's a pic of part of the mobile rig I've been performing with these weeks, i'll post more pics soon, but it's a start.  

it's both on http://blog.toddreynolds.com and http://flickr.com/photos/muddybluetown

Also on the blog and youtube is a preview video of rehearsal choreography with a snippet of the music on it... it's a nice window into this particular collaboration and the site-specific nature of it all.

I think you might find it interesting... as part of it have been using Sennheiser's PAS 400 speakers which used to be KH, but Senn bought them... 

Wireless, Battery-operated, I have YET to drain them even with 2-three hours of constant use... 

I've had a great time, will share some music and stories with you as soon as I grab some time, 2.5 hours of music in two weeks and I'm still writing for the last three gigs... lol

all best to all, and as Per says... 

greetings from Sweden... uh...  Los Angeles.


In LA June 15-July 7th collaborating with artist Steven Koplowitz on his work, Task Force

The Bang on a Can Institute follows in North Adams at MassMoCA.