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Re: FS Otaro1/2" 8 track,Korg prophecy

Now, I would fail to understand why anyone would part with either an Otari 
8-track or a Korg Prophecy. Owned the latter for some time, got rid of it 
at one point because, having learned keyboard on an Steinway acoustic 
grand, the keyboard (three octaves? two and a hallf?) just didn't do it 
for me. Still, highly recommended for anyone who needs a synth for leads 
not spanning five octaves or bass lines, likes the 
ribbon-controller-on-a-mod-wheel and is happy with monophonic sound 


----- original Nachricht --------

  I'm selling :
an Otari mx5050 mkIII 1/2" 8 track ,with remote, The stop switch for the 
transport doesn't work ,many need to e replaced,or   A 
Korg Prophecy,the first physical modelling synth w/ gig bag and parameter 
I'm trying to raise money for a MAcbook