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Re: Chapman Stick setup?

I don't own a stick, but you could also try http://www.stickist.com/, which has forums. 


Also, www.talkbass.com probably has more than a few stick players lurking in their forums...




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--- On Tue, 7/8/08, legion@helpwantedproductions.com <legion@helpwantedproductions.com> wrote:

From: legion@helpwantedproductions.com <legion@helpwantedproductions.com>
Subject: Chapman Stick setup?
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Date: Tuesday, July 8, 2008, 1:32 AM

I recently bought a ten string chapman stick. It's an ironwood model
originally manufactured in 1985. It's in great shape but needs new strings
and undoubtably some setup.

Has anyone ever setup their own stick or know of a qualified person I
could touch base with?

I understand stick.com is the place for the strings and I talked to them
about shipping it out for the full monty. They were nice but of course
he's quite busy. Before I go that route that I was wondering if any stick
players here have experience changing strings and setting up the stick
themselves. Any suggestions or hints?

I live in Phila Pa and know of one great guitar guy who's willing to take
a look at it but if there is an experienced stick player nearby I'd love
to talk to you to get more info and such.

The impression I got from talking to the contact at stick.com is these are
incredibly delicate instruments. She said point blank *any* stick, even
one new - let alone one 20+ years old, will need additional work to truss
rod and/or frets in addition to the string change and setup. Coming from a
bass/guitar/cello and other back ground this is news to me. I know the
stick is quite unusual but are they that fragile?

Any/all help appreciated!

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