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Re: OT: Novelty MIDI controllers :)

The electronics guy of www.sanagimusic.com uses a playstation controller 
with Ableton Live.
There's a MIDI driver for the P5 Dataglove, and it's actually great fun, 
because this controller gives you a total of eleven degrees of 
freedom...and it looks really Eighties SciFi.
Kraftwerk used to pass around some kind of wireless pocket calculator in 
live shows during the "Ich bin der Musikant mit dem Taschenrechner in der 
Hand" piece so that audience members could play solos. (This, of course, 
falls into the "create sound" field you aren't interested in).

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Betreff: OT: Novelty MIDI controllers :)
Gesendet: Di, 08. Jul 2008
Von: Adam Hart

Has anyone here ever created, used, or seen used a novelty midi 
controller??  For example: using an old Atari joystic, or a Nintendo power 
pad, or even just some integration of an object from pop culture to 
modulate sound (not create) in some way? It would it be fun to bust out a 
joystick during a live performance... MORE IMPORTANTLY it would be amazing 
to have an audience member be able to modulate your performance in some 
way... just imagine the possibilities, the numerous parameters of the 
numerious midi controlled devices!  wow!   

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