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Re: Jamman v Boss/self-promotion/new work

> Rainer wrote:
> Taking into account that what I heard from you is not that much
> song-oriented, I'd suggest a Boss DD20. But it doesn't have a
> storage option. Same goes for the EH SMM w/Hazari.

Hi Jim,
I can recommend the DD-20; it was my first looper pedal and I still like 
it.  But it's a 23 sec delay pedal, XL20 and Jamman are phrase 
samplers...so the concept differs. What do you want to do with it?


>               Rainer
> ----- original Nachricht --------
> If you were choosing between JamMan and the Boss 20XL what are your 
>opinions?  I'm considering JM due to USB and storage.  Anything I ought 
>to know that I may not in that this will be my "first" real looping tool? 
> I have a Digitech delay that has a 4 second loop I use a fair amount and 
>have some experience now with Mobius but am desiring for live a dedicated 
>pedal.  Thanks in advance.