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Re: pitch shifting and harmonizing again (emergency)

Todd - I know you talked to Jeff (we just talked as well), but I'll send you a few of my pitch patches, including one that stacks 6 pitch shifters, and a few patches that sound very Evantidish.

Hey all,

I'm throwing this out there for our max mavens... 

My Eventide will not arrive in time for a piece I need it for... TOMORROW... 


so here is my predicament... Last time I tried to use gizmo~ to make a pitch shifter which sounded good, I was entirely unsuccessful.  

is there any one of you out there who has a max patch which will harmonize with two additional pitches above or below the root pitch which sounds great which you'd be willing to send me?  I have to play single notes and have it track well enough to sound like a chord in real time. 

thanks in advance for any support you might give. 

and best to all.


In LA June 15-July 7th collaborating with artist Steven Koplowitz on his work, Task Force

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