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Re: OT: Yahoogroups and The Wealth of Nations...

At 9:25 AM -0400 7/9/08, Warren Sirota wrote:
>so, mech, what's your new job?

English Teacher.  :P

I just now wrote (and deleted) a whole post on the subject, but it's 
primarily a whole buncha whining so nobody wants to hear that. 
Besides, my chief gripes can be summarized into two points.

First, I'm stuck in the same crappy low-level job that every gaijin 
who comes here ends up taking sooner or later (just to get a Visa and 
keep our butts from getting kicked out of the country.  It's not so 
bad if you're just coming out of college.  But with every job I've 
had for the past fifteen years, I've been able to enter at least at 
an intermediate level (mid-level engineer, mid-level management, 
etc., etc.).  Now I've got to get used to being back as the low(!) 
man on the totem pole, and it's grating on me a bit.

Second, this is a McJob.  McJobs are fine; they pay the bills when 
you need them.  But this is a McJob that doesn't realize its a McJob. 
It wants you to raise the company flag and salute.  It wants you to 
stand and sing the company song.  It wants you to dedicate 15 hours a 
day, while only paying little more than any other minimum wage job 
pays.  It wants to annoy me, because I may have sold it my a**, but 
it doesn't get my soul for less than five times what it's paying. 
And mebbe a bag of chips too.  :P

"the wind in my heart; the dust in my head...."