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Re: OT: rackmount ff400

Raul Bonell wrote:
> as there are some ff400 users in the forum,that play numerous live gigs 
> per year, i'd like to know how have you managed to rackmount the ff400. 
> must you need to ask for a special rackmount adapter if your idea is to 
> put it inside a 19" rack case? i'd love to see some pictures if 
> possible, since i googled them and got nothing but solely ff400 alone.

Hi Raul,

I bought a used rack tray on Ebay. This is a metal tray with two ears 
for rack mounting. It is attached to the rack via its right ear, and it 
sits on the tray for extra support. I guess I got lucky because I had no 
way to know that the tray would work with the unit.

Here is another probably better way to find a useable tray:


- Sam