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AW: moebius questions

> i have two moebius-questions, might be a bit newbie-ish:

First of all, great information sources for Mobius users are:
        * Mobius manual (available at the Mobius site)
        * EDP LoopIII and LoopIV manuals
        * Mobius discussion group

All of your questions are answered in those manuals.
>       how do i program "half speed" to switch right at the trigger 
and not after finishing the cycle?

Set quantize to off for the respective track

>       how could that same button toggle between "half speed" and "normal

I don't understand that question - this is the definition of "toggle", to
alter between two states, right?
>       is there a corresponding command for "double speed"?

Yes and no. The EDP does not have a double speed function, on the EDP, the
only way to get double speed is to record at half speed then switch to
normal speed. With Mobius, you can simply use a RateShift=+12. Both
RateShift and HalfSpeed work independently.
>       i would like to have loop 1 and 2 run synchronous, loop 3 and 4
>       (right now all of them run independently). where and how do i set
such a default?

I assume you refer to tracks 1 to 4 here, right? (Loops are the different
loops on one track between which you switch but which never sound at the
same time).
Set track1 and track2 to Sync=Out and leave tracks 3 and 4 in sync=off.