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Re: Interactive Looping with Crowd

That's a great idea. I figured what I would do is have four interactive 
stations: The Joe Rut machine (1/4 inch), my bird call machine (1/4 inch), 
an open mic for vocals, talking, etc, and a mic on some other instrument 
like my tongue drum or maybe a music box.  I plan to provide instructions 
that will invite the crowd to walk up and experiement with the instrument 
their choice, while I play my guitar solo freestyle in the background. I 
will interact with what they do. That way, they start to get the idea of 
what is invovled in free improvisation in a group setting, listening, 
reacting, call and response, complementing others' parts, and so on.


----- Original Message ----- 

> One thing I've done that's been kind of fun is to hang a couple of mics 
> over the audience; they don't think anything of it because it just looks 
> like I'm set up to record the show. But during a break, I open a loop 
> catch a few layers of crowd chatter, which I don't bring up in the mix 
> until a good ways into the first piece of the next set, when I bring my 
> instrument way down. Sometimes I've brought it in backwards (or 
> pitchshifted or heavily 'verbed) and waited a little while to bring it 
> back to normal again... It's funny to see the reaction; to the audience 
> sounds familiar, but they're not quite sure why, and then they suddenly 
> realize that it's them!
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> --- On Sat, 7/12/08, Krispen Hartung <khartung@cableone.net> wrote:
>> Any other ideas?
>> Kris