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AW: moebius questions


> and magic word number two is obviously "toggle", but i 

Perhaps it's simply that I didn't get your question (repeated below with my
answer for reference). I'll try to explain the function of the "Halfspeed"
button (as assigned to an onscreen button or to a MIDI controller, e.g.
floor pedal or faderbox):

> >> how could that same button toggle between "half speed" and "normal
> > speed"?
> >
> > I don't understand that question - this is the definition 
> of "toggle", to
> > alter between two states, right?

Halfspeed works like this:
For now, I'm only talking about one track and assume that quantize=off (see
the last message about this).

When initializing Mobius, the track is in Halfspeed=Off.
Halfspeed can be either on or off. Mobius reacts accordingly:
If Halfspeed=Off, play back at normal playback rate, if Halfspeed=On, play
back at half the playback rate.

Pressing the Halfspeed button will switch halfspeed=on if halfspeed was off
before and vice versa.

Was that your question?