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Fw: Re: DigiTech Vocalist 2 vs.TC Harmony G quick review

Hey Jeff,
Ive been working with the Digitech vocalist 2 for over a
year and i just ordered the new TC harmony G and been
testing both of them.In fact i just did a gigi yesterday
with it.
here is my 2 cents:
The new tc harmony g has 5 presets with a convenient B
alternative which is very useful if you are doing 2
different types of harmony in a song so you can switch back
and forth by pressing one button,it also has effects with
presets and there are also 2 outputs on it. 
The Digitech is a no brainer,plug it in and play,all manual
no prests or programing involved choose manually a harmony
and a reverb then enhance it,compress it and go.For more
details you can read about them and watch videos,manuals
But now as far as sound goes: with all the bells and
whistles that the tc offers,the digitech beats it,it sounds
more clear seems to have stonger output and the effect
sounds crispier and it sounds more natural overall.The TC
has a "tone" button to compress and enhance the
overall sound with 3 different types of prests but to my
ears it sucks,it either sounds to brittle or to muddy.
Tracking: both seem to track similar although the digitech
seems to track the high harmonies better and the tc tracks
the lower better.I did a heavy test singing some 3 part
harmony stuff with both and the TC can handle it better
than the digitech,however when using one harmony only they
react differently,for instance when you play an Em chord
and sing an A note on top to resolve to the Em,the digitech
harmonises it with a C and the TC with a D.To me the
digitech way is better because if i want to harmonise with
a minor 7th i just fret it on the guitar which feels
natural otherwise having to fret the c note on top of an e
minor while singing is to me kind of ackward.
On the other hand the tc has cool presets with octaves and
a bass voice preset which can be used as a drone.What i
dislike is that the effects cannot be tweaked so you are
stucked with choosing a preset and you can only increase
the level.The digitech has however reverb only.
I dont know if i am going to keep the TC and get rid of the
Digitech,another big advantage of the TC is its size,it fits
nicely on a pedalboard.The price difference should be no
object,here in germany is only about 50.-eur.
difference.After testing them i suppose the decision should
be based more on sound vs. versatility.
I alsoi tested the digitech with my
trumpet player last night at a gig,i hooked it up on the
aux. of my mixer sending him my guitar signal so he could
play 2 trumpet harmonies while i was playing and singig.I
noticed that the harmoniser reacts better when singing, the harmonies can 
be heard better than when playing a reed instrument,even though he uses an 
akg clip microphone directly into his horn.No special IQ harmonisers for 
reed players yet,right?

> > From: Jeff Shirkey
> <jcshirke@midway.uchicago.edu>
> > Subject: Re: DigiTech Harmonizer Vocalist 2 vs. 4?
> > To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> > Date: Sunday, July 13, 2008, 8:35 PM

> > Has anyone compared the Digitech vocalist stuff to
> > TC-Helicon's  
> > offerings (Voiceworks, Voiceworks Plus, etc.)?
> > 
> > Just curious if the TC-Helicon is worth the extra $$
> or
> > not.
> > 
> > Jeff