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Re: OT: Hey Loopers< MF is blowing out Mackie SRM 350 p.a. portable PA speakers

Buzap wrote:
"as 10" active PAs, I'd recommend the FBT or the RCFs - imho, don't waste 
your time with anything else."

Actually, Buzap, I concur with your recommendation:  I have the RCFs and 
love them.

I think they are a little better than the SRM350s (they go down to 40 
for one thing)
but because the US dollar is so weak against the Euro,    the SRM350's 
they are blowing out at Musicians Friends
are just an incredible price (probably half the cost of the comparable 
with the devalued US Dollar),
so I stand by my recommendation if you are in the market for speakers.

Additionally,  as I said,  you can find an inexpensive home subwoofer to 
to them and they'd be a killer
full spectrum p.a. for any small to medium sized gig.   Lightweight and 
powered for under $500 in total.  Not bad!