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Re: SouthEast Loopers? (US)

andy garber wrote:
> Wow, great to know there's some friends around -
> I love WNC! I've been going to Linville Gorge since I could drive.
> Also - I go to Belle Chere every year in Asheville (biggest street 
> fest in NC).
> I'll be there this year too - a bit late for any musical plans I think 
> but, I'd
> be more than happy to meet up w/ anyone to share a beer and put some 
> faces
> with some names.
> I'd love to plan a gig in Asheville a bit later this fall.
> If I can find an extra day around a weekend as well,
> it'd be great to keep on trucking down to ATL.
> Please hit me up if you'd like to join forces for a show sometime
> in the fall for Asheville.
Hi Andy,

Belle Chere looks fantastic!  I've already been to Asheville and Atlanta 
this year on separate trips.  Electro-music in August will make my third 
trip south this year!  I doubt that I can afford much more car travel 
this year.  But I want to keep touch for the future.  Please write 
off-list to talk about WNC plans.