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Repeater CFCs from Pretec still available

Hey all, David from the Repeater list sent this useful info about  
Pretec industrial grade CFCs with Hitachi controller still available  
for the Electrix Repeater.

I ordered a 256 MB instantly, will let you all know if it works.



Begin forwarded message:

> In case anyone is still looking around for Pretec CFCs, I found two  
> sites that have the ones
> with the proper Hitachi SAH05 controller.
> http://www.jactron.co.uk/compactflash-industrial-grade-eol-legacy- 
> products/pretec-
> industrial-grade-compactflash-disk-industrial-temp-32mb-to-512mb- 
> hitachi-sah05/
> This is a British site that still has 256 MB and under cards. They  
> are being sold as EOL (End
> of Life) and aren't being manufactured new anymore.
> They don't appear to have any 512 MB cards left (none are listed on  
> the site)--I'm
> assuming that's likely because all us Repeater users buying out the  
> stock earlier. :)
> There's also a Canadian site I found that still has 128 MB and  
> under cards . . .
> http://cdns.ca/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PLST&Store_Code=TIMASCI
> The ones that match up with the Pretec numbers people have  
> discussed here before are
> the ones that have CFH listed as the first three letters, and then  
> EH6 as the last three
> letters/numbers in the product code.
> The CF means Compact Flash and the H at the beginning is the Pretec  
> code for "Hitachi
> SAH 05".
> Too bad that it looks like all the 512s are now gone. :( But at  
> least there's still some 256s.

with love from the forefront of gentrification in New Bad Berlin ,-)
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