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FS: Frankentone Fuzz, Pod..um.. Pod!

A few quickies for sale:

FS: Rick Gram Tone Zone

Franken Tone Overdrive - $80 obo. Boutique overdrive/fuzz pedal known for
it's remarkable attention to sound. Mint in box with papers. Never used
except to put a battery in and try it out. These are sold out of a few
places and now going for well over $100 on E*bay. I got it in trade and
need to clean some stuff out so it's up for grabs on a quick sale at a
good price.

Can be from a warm overdrive to fuzzy wall of felt over your ears. Very
nice and unique. Plus the monster's eyes light up when you step on it to
turn on the effect :) This is brand new with box and papers.

Line 6 POD. $100 obo. You know the red kidney shaped one. With PS and this
is the model with the ethernet connector in it  (XT?) Works great, fun to
run your drum machine or any cool lap sized toy into while sitting on the
counch eating cheetos. Oh yeah, it sounds going recording guitar and shite
too. Everything works. sounds great, tastes great.

I have references out the wazoo. I pack well and charge real shipping
prices. USPS MO or Paypal($3 more).

I'll be out of town starting this sat (7/19) so if we don't close the deal
before then I'll get back to anyone interested when I return late July.

Trades for other interesting drum machine, pedal, weird synth/noise
thingies possible.


      Weird, Scary, and Beautiful Music and Art: