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Re: Pretec CFCs Still Available

Hi all,

I believe timatec.com and the canadian site I sent the link for are the same site.

Fro--A couple questions for you:

a) Which card did you try? [Model Number?] What size was it?

b) by "put it through the loops" what testing did you do? Did you record 4 mono tracks and then also reverse them? Did you do stereo recording, and record a stereo overdub in reverse?

I wanted to ask, because, and folks may know this, but for newer posters, all of this information is important when we report on CFCs for Repeater. 

Simply getting them to record 4 mono tracks does not mean it's going to be fully functional (it needs to do stereo recording, and well as reverse stereo overdub to meet that criteria).

I wanted to mention this because, a few months ago, someone reported on the repeater users list that SanDisk Ultra IIs work, because they do 4 tracks without error messages. However, based on my own testing this week, what "they work" appears to mean is that it can record 4 mono tracks. When I did stereo recording, or try to do stereo overdub in reverse, I got slow CFC error messages.

Now, it may be I got a bad card, and others might work (see prior threads on the "hit or miss" nature of, for example, SimpleTech cards post 2003/2004 or so). I ordered a second one yesterday from another Ebay seller, and will give that one a shot, because who knows, maybe it was a fluke.

But if it isn't--then luckily, I only spent about $25 on getting 512MB Ultra IIs from Ebay sellers to discover this. But given how scarce these cards are becoming in terms of actually finding them anyplace, we are going to be likely be moving to a strictly second hand market sales route soon (like Ebay), once places like the two industrial Web site seller sites are out of stock.  And in that market, there are no returns. (Not like the "old days" a couple years ago where some of us were lucky to find retail sellers who would accept returns).

So, it would help all of us out in terms of spending $ on these and not being able to return them if we know the whole test has been carried out.