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Re: more loops than allowed by law

PILL was on! Audient...hee hee hee. I need to give Sr. Klobuchar full  
credit for finding a lovely venue - perfect for our music - and  
putting it all together (including dragging his SRM450's out and  
having 'em set up before I arrived).

All of you need to see Michael with his full setup, the man is the  
master of his own domain and half of the set for me was spent glancing  
sideways in wonderment. And since his full setup doesn't take planes,  
well, there just has to be another PILL (or other East Coast  
equivalent). It's so great to meet and play with people from this  
list, really looking forward to meeting up a couple of weeks in Boston  
with Dennis Moser, and Jim Goodin next weekend. I was sad it didn't  
work out to meet Brian Good or Steven Guerrero due to circumstances  
beyond their control, again all the more reason to put an east coast  
fest together.

It was a highlight of my tour! (now 23 shows in...). Thanks again MK  
for the organization, the crash pad, the playing and especially the  

Daryl Shawn

> wow!.....what a fun gig with daryl shawn last nite.....PILL 1 
> INTERNATIONAL LIVE LOOPING 1.....not a midi to be seen!.....it was great 
> and a wonderful learning experience to watch, listen and react to what 
> was doing with his "CASSETTE PLAYERS".....fantastic!.....the audient 
>(TM) was
> converted to the wild and wacky life of LIVE LOOPING.....daryl spent the 
> and we talked to the wee small hours about all you karzy LD people   
> and how you
> have changed our lives for the "better".....good clean fun!.....i used 
>my BIG
> ROOM KIT and only had one tiny gremlin, for some reason, set up was 
> and everything worked right off the bat the only "thing" to   
> missbehave was the
> controller pedal for the zoom 2100.....daryl helped shlepp the kit to my
> third floor "stuido"   this morn and rather than wait for several   
> months to set it
> all up again i went at it like a mad man!.....90 degrees, sweat pouring 
> of me....."WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS GO   
> TOO?????"......yikes!!!!!.....i'm too old
> for this!.....but, presto bongo i hit the BIG ON BUTTON and everything 
> at least in accordence with this weeks set-up.....joy oh joy!.....it's a
> shame that 99.9% of our audience went to see the "BATDUDE" movie last
> nite....:)......but it was an inspirational gas none the   
> less.....it's great too see lots
> of good loop activity going on, krispen converting the masses, the   
> walker bros
> and all the euro-loop-kindern looping out for the past few months,   
> galore being mentioned on LD. every day.....you can't turn your head 
> smackin' into a loop.....this is good!.....michael