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RE: endings for live performance

Thanks Busap

After some working at it my stops/endings with the RC-2 are getting 
just ending on the first beat of the bar and playing that final guitar 
letting it sustain. Having a ending lick leading to that final chord is 
sounding much more 'natural'.

Thanks to all for the advice on this one. I figure using the basic RC2 and
coming up with ways of compensating for its limitations is inspiring some
creativity - like 'necessity the mother of invention'.


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From: Buzap Buzap [mailto:buzap@gmx.net]
Sent: July 19, 2008 7:27 PM
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Subject: Re: endings for live performance

Hi Mark

with the RC-50 you can define for each of the three loops (PHRASEs), if you
want to fade out. You can also specify fade-out time.
However, personally I have connected an expression pedal to the RC-50 that
works as a volume pedal for the current Phrase. So I fade out basically via
Volume pedal.

Another nice trick: Use an effect pedal with a lot of echo/delay/reverb at
the end. This way, your sound won't stop suddenly but with a nice effect.

I assume you know that you can connect a stop pedal to the RC-2?
Normally, I can stop it quite well with the "double stop". But what we did
tonight was to keep on playing a riff on mandoline + harmonica after the
loop stopped.
In fact, tonight is the first time ever that I've used the RC-2 + external
stop pedal in a live session :-))


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