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Re: delia derbyshire video

I must also profess my dedication to Dr Who, the music and the TV Series. (There is by the way a fascinating documentary called "Alchemists of sound" that I have on my computer -  about the whole of the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop, the unique electronic music studio... Ill post it somewhere if theres some interest).

I was an avid watcher as a kid and profess that my first doctor was Jon Pertwee, moving on to Tom Baker. I even phoned in to Swap Shop to ask the question "How long is your scarf?" When he was on. (I wasnt allowed to ask the question, cos that was th qustion HE was gonna ask so the views could win it!!!) And I was often hiding behind the sofa or a cushion on a Saturday Evening.

It is true that they seemed to go down hill after me (I hate Peter Davison myself) but isnt that the nature of the program, that it grows up with you? You "Doctor is always the "real one" . God I watched the "new one" last night and Blimey, it was still exiting, the Daleks are still very frightening! AND the Doctor transmogrified (or whatever it was called) into yet a NEW Doctor (genius explanation for an actor moving on) ...Blimey I hadnt even seen the old one before!!!

Anyway.. sorry for the OT reminiscence..