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Re: What would loopers do without power?

Quoting Krispen Hartung <khartung@cableone.net>:

> So, let's say hypothetically a major catastrophe occurred in the   
> next 2-3 decades, and power became non-existent (unlikely) or highly  
>  scarce. For example, suppose we all had to rely on solar panels and  
>  wind power, and powering an amp and looper was a complete luxury  
> and  out of the question.
> What would you do?
I would go primitive -- that is, make music with percussion (logs,  
sticks, etc) and go with wooden or clay flutes.  Would relax with the  
sound of wind chimes and aeolian harps.

This sounds so appealing that I may do this anyway -- in addition to,  
and not in place of, high-tech music-making -- at least as long as  
electricity is available.

-- Kevin