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Re: More on Pretec CFs and Repeater

Hi again all,

Here's one more development on Pretec CFC ordering that I learned about this morning (and posted to the Repeater User's Group already).

Initially, I sent links to two web sites last week--a Canadian one who actually sends their orders out from California  (Tima Tech) and a UK site called Jactron.

I emailed the folks at Jactron (UK site) today, and it turns out that although they do
have the 256 MB cards listed on their site--they are backordered. The guy I
emailed told me they are able to still track them down, but since they are on backorder,
there is a longer wait period.

(The Jactron site is the one with the url:

I initially ordered one with Jactron about 2 weeks ago, and heard back today that
they are still on backorder. So not sure what that means about the total wait period, as
I cancelled my order.

On the other hand, when I talked with Bruce at Tima Tec yesterday, he said the
numbers he mentioned to me (see earlier message) were for cards they still had on hand
in stock.