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I've got the big boy -HPD15.  As far as the difference between that and the 10,
the 15 has a built in sequencer, 2 extra ribbon controllers and if I'm not mistaken,
a few more pad divisions on the top surface.
If you're heavy into sequences, the built in one on the 15 will not impress you in the least.
I mean, it works and all but finite control of the measures, is not there.  It's pretty much a
simple sequencer.  That may or may not be the reason I've had troubles slaving my EDP
to it.  I've got it to work exactly like I wanted and then w/out changing a thing - it did not.
Which is ok w/ me cause I really do like the more natural method of looping it directly in.
Instead of trying to sync the thing I plan on getting more personal w/ the presets (which you
can tweak and save your own kits - out of any sound in the machine) and just free flowing
with a certain kit to a prescribed song. ie.. each song could have it's own sound/kit.

Other than that over on the Handsonic yahoo group, the only major complaint I agree w/ is
that it does not have seperate outs.  Sometimes I think it'd be really nice to say, run the sequence
to the mixer w/out sending it to the looper (AUX) and then be able to play some other things
on top of it that did go to the loop.  But, hey, at least it's stereo - guess all I need now is another
EDP :)