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Re: Drumming fitness

Does looping multiply the benefits?

This is interesting because i came to looping through injury. I
percieved it as a way that i could deligate the repetition of movement
to the looper and take off some of the strain i was experiencing from
traditional percussion/drum playing.

Drummers are particularly prone to injury since they are using all
four limbs performing a balancing act on ill suited stools for the

The rigours of drumming eventually led to a career change and focus on
spine balancing (the root of many physical woes). So i would have to
whole heartedly agree that indeed drummers need to be extremely fit
but so do all musicians. A old teacher used to refer to musicians as
"small muscle athletes' and indeed that is what we are whether the
machine does the repeating or not.

Still a newbie looper, but see looping as a way to retain my feel and
'liveness' as a musician in live performance. a love of performing
live prevented giving over to other side of pure programming for the
sake of injury... although computer users are prone to the same
repetitive strain injuries as musicians. i guess nowhere is completely

its refreshing to see musicians being compared to athletes.

On Wed, Jul 23, 2008 at 12:51 AM,  <tomrex1@cox.net> wrote:
> actually, that was both, too.  it was a worship group.
> a long way from when I was a kid, and music took me off the streets and 
>into the bars, so my Mom always knew where I was :)
> but I was much older then...
> Tom
> ---- mark francombe <mark@markfrancombe.com> wrote:
>> ... was that early morning playing or praying?