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Re: Looping Strategies

That's a very simplistic interpretation. Further, like any theory predicated on a linear progression from a 'primitive' to a 'sophisticated' state, it presumes that one stage is somehow aesthetically or philosophically or, (dare I say it) morally superior to the previous state(s). And that's a major fallacy.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for musicians who can play their loopers as deftly (or moreso) than the instrument(s) they are looping.  I'm certainly not one of them! But whether they use that to create rhythms for improvisation, sound design, or turntablism is, in the final balance, insignificant. As a listener, my only concern is: Does it move me? Technical facility may impress me initially, but rarely do I keep listening unless the technique is in service to the music, not vice versa.

Zak Kramer
Crazyquilt Arts & Music