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Re: ebow for piano

i have actually recorded a few tracks with ebows on the strings inside the piano. it works very well with the mid 3 octave range.
besides the ebow i also pluck the strings inside, put lots of different metals on the strings etc. sustained piano sound with very log reverb setting would not work for me unfortunately.
in any case, will do more recordings with ebows in august and then share my experiences.
one more thing : what are the different material you use, attach, scrape etc on your instruments? is there any specific material that you would recommend for me to use on the guitar and piano? old californian license plates work very well inside the piano by the way ( bill walker knows what i mean :)
Erdem Helvacioglu
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Sent: Monday, July 28, 2008 6:14 PM
Subject: Re: ebow for piano

Hi Erdem

not meaning to question your approach, but a question:
I've seen Esbjoern Svensson (died much too young... what a pity...) live using effects on the original piano sound with several mics.
Now, the concert piano also has a pretty long sustain (esp. compared to a guitar). So I was wondering if the original sustained piano sound + several mics + good delay/reverb settings couldn't already deliver an extremely long tone?

Another aspect is (I believe Travis indicated that) is also this:
Compared to the guitar, a piano string is much longer and there is a total tension of ca. 20 tons (!) on the strings! So, my gut feeling is that you'd need a pretty strong magnetic field for this.

Alternatively, I could imagine some mechanical solution, i.e. little wheels turning and scratching the strings etc.

Let us know what worked out for you, I'm curious! ;-)


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