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Re: What would loopers do without power?

Last night Jim and I did our first looperless show together. I did a few 
solo composed pieces, Jim did a solo tune and a very lovely oud improv, 
and together we improvised three pieces just with our acoustic guitars - 
the venue is specifically unplugged without a PA. Though a very loud 
fan/AC made it kind of a crappy room for acoustic music (nuances were 
lost and I felt like I had to play at top volume all the time just to be 
heard), it was a great challenge, and a good feeling to know that we 
could pull it off.

For those of you who improvise live, I'd recommend as a great exercise 
trying to make a go of an unplugged tune (or at least without the 
looper) now and then.

Daryl Shawn

>> These sort of questions make us think who we really are as musicians 
>> and what defines us. Are you defined by the technology and looping 
>> gear? Can you stand on your own and be yourself with just an acoustic 
>> instrument and feel gratified as an artist?