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Mixing four instruments, loopers, and tons of effects?

I've been working on a portable looping/production setup for the past few months, and I'm not in the mixing stage of things.

Basically, I have:
Guitar -> Reverse Reverb -> ADSR -> Analog Delay -> Digital Delay -> Tremolo -> Bitcrusher -> Fuzz -> Reverb -> Filter
Vox -> aux of mixer (contains verb/filter)
Drum machine -> aux of mixer (verb/filter)
Bass synth -> aux of mixer (verb/filter)

I only have one gibson echoplex and it's becoming very limiting since I want the ability to pan everything. 
1) Are there any viable midi-synced multi-track loopers with panning options?

2)How/where should I pan the looped parts so that they don't interfere with the dry signal? Should I just position the dry and loop at the same spot and eventually let the loops become the focus?

I typically lay down 3 guitar parts summed to mono, becomes one big polyrhythmic/counterpoint part, add a bass line or vocals, and have the drum machine constantly going.

3) I'd really like the ability to start bringing things in and out, almost like live composing or doing live electronic tracks. Without using software (ableton live) is there any non uber-expensive hardware option to do this?

Sorry, this might be vague.