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What's your looper control strategy?

hey Per, I don't know if you have the latest firmware upgrade for your LG but I highly recommend it if you don't, currently I use one expression pedal for feedback and one for volume and then I have two extra momentary switches so that each of my banks has 12 presets. I can now expand to a total of 14 preset switches per bank because each of the aux jacks 1 and 2 can now accept a trs cable to accomodate two extra switches each. I have been using roland fsu switches for a long time as they are relatively quiet and durable, though bespeco makes a decent equivalent. I had a smaller two button footswitch made by loopmaster, but that turned in to a bit of a fiasco as I had to have a local tech isolate the ground on each switch to be compatible with the LG's new firmware. man i lost a few hours and hairs trying to figure that one out (with Xaviers help bless his heart), why my switches suddenly were not working with my newly pimped LG. I've recently been considering using some kind of small I phone controller that Rick has offered to loan me and one of those Missing link midi adapters Hans is making, though I'm not sold on the idea of mounting it on an instrument or that my failng eye sight will want to put up with it:-) I've seen this little mixer of yours I think, who makes it again?