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Re: EDP + repeater?

> Maybe use a midi controller to adjust parameters?

I concur... or by odd press combos that are hard to do with one hand.

As long as you clock FROM the edp, and the Repeater is the slave, its pretty rock solid. If you load up a repeater loop that contains audio (drum-loop etc) it will start on your second hit of record on the edp(Unless you cue up a bpm fort on the edp... VERY recommended when using premade loops on repeater...), if the loop is empty, I find its best to hit record on the repeater and make a quick silent loop, then overdub onto it... this you can do easily with NO foot controller. Be aware that changing loops on repeater is a little funky, the preferred method is to change tracks (fade out or mute). Also be aware that repeater only reacts to a relatively small bpm range. so if your 8ths setting on EDP is set weirdly high 64ths or even 32ns, or low.. 2 maybe.. OR you make long loops on the edp master. Repeater might not react. The good news is that its excellent at synching to audio, so just flip it over to beat detect, tap a rough tempo and hit play...
I wish more devices would allow you to come out of midi sync temporarily and free wheel for a bit...

FYI: My prefered method is to use tracks 3 and 4 for backing tracks, and have them prerecorded. then tracks 1 and 2 are looping tracks. I have track 2 as my re pitching track (I have a few pitches programmed on my FCB to act as a little keyboard - the classic Repeater trick). Track one is usually for my favorite repeater trcik of using it as a pitched delay... short delays that come back at a different pitch... I only wish trim-cut worked on a per track level... or that I could scroll the trim start and ends at the same time... I should try that with a controller... I expect it will crash repeater Im afraid...

On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 9:28 AM, Simeon Harris <simeonharris40@googlemail.com> wrote:
You'd definitely want one if using the latest software, as there are loads of cool functions not available from the front panel

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On 9 Jun 2011, at 08:00, marcus kirby <marcusloops@gmail.com> wrote:

> Maybe use a midi controller to adjust parameters?

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