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vox dynamic looper...

there is this blurb:
not sure if its really a review, looks more like press release restated....
you know, it looks like an interesting looper.
i rewatched the vid overview vox did, i wish the person would explore the slow down mode more, but i guess they
try to show everything to suck you in.
i guess for me, i can understand that it's a floor device, and looks like they give lots of control options for a semi-small footprint (from the looks)
my concern (again for me) is to do the manipulations, there appears to be A LOT of BENDING OVER to change/control/manipulate. that looks about
as much FUN FOR as NUTHIN!!!! that's why i like to keep everything at hands reach (again i know that i'm a loser anomoly in the guitar effects world!!!)
i just know that as i get older, the ability to bend over that much-IS NOT EASY....but maybe ab workouts is what they are going for, "create cool
music & get an ab workout at the same time...."
i'll be curious to read your review andy.....