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Re: Mobius scripting - move

> Of course you can run two instances! To avoid conflicts you must make
> sure you are using different MIDI In Ports since both Mobius instances
> share the same MIDI Configuration. Then you need to set up a way to
> target either of these two MIDI In Ports in order to select which one
> of the two Mobius instances you want to affect with the given command.
> This is for external MIDI control, I don't think you can separate the
> two instances access to keyboard key commands.

I don't recommend running multiple instances of Mobius.  I know some
people have tried, and it might work some of the time.  But there are
some internal things that may not work properly if there are multiple
instances.  Even if I fixed this, I still don't see multiple instances
being very useful because it's harder to synchronize them.  You could
not for example have a track in one instance be the master for a track
in another instance, they would all have to use HostBeat or HostBar.

Anyway...it wounds like what Sylvain wants is similar to the Bounce
function.  Start by recording one or more tracks, then execute Bounce.
Now play around with those tracks, doing whatever you want with them,
the performance is being recorded and held in a temporary area.
Now when you press Bounce again, it will select an empty track
and store that recorded performance in it, the other tracks will
be muted.

There are some issues with Bounce, I know you tried it a long time ago
and the problem was it didn't preserve the cycle size of the source
tracks.  That problem still exists but it may not matter here.

Another way to do this is to setup up each track to send/receive
on a different port.  In Bidule, each track would have a different
pair of pins.  Now, draw wires from the output pins of track 1
into the input pins of track 2.  Now track 2 will record whatever
is being sent from track 1.  

The problem with this is that when you change the active track,
it cancels the recording in progress.  For example:

   1) Record track 1
   2) Select track 2
   3) Start a Record in track 2
   4) Select track 1 so you can do some Moves

In step 4, just selecting track 1 will cancel the recording in
track 2 so you can't "play" track 1 into track 2.

You can work around this with scripts but it's kind of complicated.
Instead of using the Move function directly, put it in a script 
that uses "for" to make it run in a different track.  For example:

   !name Move 1 Random
   for 1
      Move rand(0, loopFrames)

Instead of doing step 4 above to select track 1, stay in track
2 and run this script.  It will move track 1 but keep track 2
selected so the recording can continue.